Samsung UE85S9ST

215.9 cm (85 ") LED, Smart TV, 3840 x 2160, Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse, Teletext

With the introduction of the Samsung S9 Ultra HD TV, the world of television has reached amazing new heights. Moving beyond functional needs, the stunning and huge 85-inch display delivers an experience that is unreal and immersive. And with simply breathtaking resolution, which is framed in a unique and time-less design, the Samsung S9 provides a new form of fulfillment and pride in watching television. Add to this the outstanding audio, which is seamlessly incor-porated in to the aesthetics, and you have a complete experience. The Samsung S9 is without doubt the pièce de résistance for anyone who appreciates the better things in life.

Treat the senses to a majestic screen size
As the world’s largest Ultra HD TV, the Samsung S9 takes entertainment to a whole new grand level. At 85 inches, the display delivers spectacular picture quality that is mammoth in proportions and utterly stunning to watch. Whether it is your must-see TV dramas or the latest blockbuster films, the super-large
screen elevates content into a new stratosphere of entertainment. So if you are looking for a reason to fall in love
with television again, the S9 and its inspiring experience is every reason you’ll need in one screen.

Immerse in stunning detail from anywhere.
Whether you’re watching a movie on a Saturday night or sitting back to your mid-week TV drama, your entertainment just got a whole lot better thanks to amazing picture quality. The Samsung S9 boasts Quad-detail enhancement technology, with four times the resolution, and precision-black Backlight technol-ogy, giving your favourite entertainment new levels of enjoyment. And with automatic enhancement technology, even lesser quality image sources are repro-duced to ensure a truly immersive experience. With the S9, you can sit back and marvel at beautiful visuals.

Discover iconic design that’s timeless
With a truly iconic design, the Samsung S9 has elevated the TV experience, making it as much about beautiful art as functionality. Featuring a minimal design that is utterly timeless, the S9’s stunning frame crafted from precious metals would not look out of place in an art gallery, a luxurious apartment or a grand lobby. This masterpiece of technology, design and entertainment is certain to stand the test of time. So if you are looking to make the ultimate statement about your taste in art and your personal style, the S9 is the perfect piece to set you apart.

Unseen speakers deliver mesmerizing sounds
The Samsung S9 TV will leave viewers impressed by its powerful sounds booming from its hidden speakers. With four secret panel speakers, the experience is of the highest quality and simply unmatched by any of the competitors. The powerful 120W speaker set-up brings the huge display to life and, being cleverly veiled within the framework, will have people curious as to how such splendid sound is possible. So if you are looking for a TV with audio that not only
pleases the ear but also the eye, the S9 audio experience is what you’re looking for.

A Smart TV that understands you
Spend more time watching the things you want to watch, rather than searching through thousands of channels. With Voice Interaction you can ask, in natural speech, the Smart TV to recommend TV shows and movies based your viewing tastes. Over time, S Recommendation refines its search based on what you like to watch and not by what’s popular. You’ll be sure that each suggestion will be original and entertaining, and will never display the same results over and over. It’s Intuitive, simple and easy.

The gateway to a revolutionary entertainment experience
Samsung is changing the rules of watching TV with Smart Hub. With 5 advanced and easy-to use panels and an intuitive Smart Hub UI flipping motion, Smart Hub allows you to search and access content quickly and easily. With immediate access to live TV recommendations, watch everything you enjoy without having to channel surf. Enjoy a wide range of movie and TV shows with videos on demand, access apps available on the Samsung Smart TV and share content on Facebook and Twitter with friends. Enjoy and access photos, videos, and music on all compatible devices.

The most advanced way to control your Smart TV
With a revolutionary voice command recognition system and intuitive motion sensing, the Samsung Smart TV engages you in a futuristic and effortless enter-tainment experience. So when you want to relax, and you can’t find the remote, all you need to say is "Hi TV" or wave your hand and the S9 will let you perform a variety of commands like change the channel and raise or lower the volume.

Samsung Smart TV is an Evolutionary TV
In this fast moving world it is hard to keep our technology up-to-date. Smart Evolution takes away this worry by helping you keep your Smart TV up-to-date. The easily installed chipset upgrades the key components of your TV to make sure you can experience the most cutting-edge entertainment experience, without buying a new television.

Enjoy two favourite channels simultaneously
Now, no one in your family will miss their favourite shows with the Twin Tuner TV. By allowing you to watch two channels on two different devices, this feature lets you watch two of your favourite programmes at the same time, or allows a family member to watch his or her show while you enjoy yours. You can also watch two of your favourite shows simultaneously, or record any programme you want. No excuse to miss your favourite TV programmes on Samsung Smart TV.

Detalles técnicos

Enlace de alta definición móvil (MHL)
Nivelador automático de volumen
Soporte remoto inteligente 
Control por voz
Potenciador de colores Wide Color


Wi-Fi Direct

Sintonizador de la TV

Tipo de sintonizador 
Formato de señal digital 

Puertos e Interfaces

Número de puertos HDMI 
Cantidad de puertos USB 2.0 
Video componente (YPbPr/YCbCr) entrada 
Entrada de video compuesto 
Cantidad de puertos SCART 
Número de puertos RF 
Interfaz común 
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) cantidad de puertos 
Interfaz común Plus (CI+) 

Características de administración

Guía electrónica de programación 
Temporizador de apagado
Mando a distancia 
Apagado automático 

Control de energía

Consumo de energía (inactivo) 
Consumo energético 
Consumo de energía anual 
431 kWh
Clase de eficiencia de energía 
Sin especificar


Oscurecimiento local 
Extended PVR


Diagonal de la pantalla 
2,159m (85")
Tipo HD 
4K Ultra HD
Compatibilidad 3D 
Resolución de la pantalla 
3840 x 2160 Pixeles
Convertidor 2D-3D
Tecnologías 3D compatibles
Samsung 3D HyperReal Engine

Smart TV

Smart TV
Grabación diferida (timeshift)


Altavoces incorporados 
Número de altavoces 
Potencia estimada RMS 
Subwoofer incorporado 


Funciones de teletexto 

Aprobaciones reguladoras

Conformidad con el medio (Eco)

Contenido del embalaje

Pilas incluidas
Gafas 3D incluidas
Cantidad de gafas 3D
Cables incluidos
Manual de usuario
Guía de configuración rápida 

Peso y dimensiones

108,5 cm
5,56 cm
199,09 cm
58,9 kg
Ancho del dispositivo (con soporte)
Profundidad dispositivo (con soporte)
58,15 cm
Altura del dispositivo (con soporte)
162,44 cm
Peso con stand
85,8 kg


Ancho del paquete 
Profundidad del paquete 
40,2 cm
Altura del paquete 
173,8 cm
Peso del paquete 
121 kg

Otras características

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